Box Swap Reveal

Y’all! This was my first ever box swap and I absolutely loved it. Chasin’ Mason, The Chronicles of We and Sweet Turtle Soup organized the big ordeal and I couldn’t wait to sign up. This year was my first Mother’s Day without any kids still living with us, so I was not looking forward to it. And, then, like a bright and shiny light, I read about this box swap and I jumped at the chance to get matched up with two partners; one to give a gift to, one to get a gift from.

When I received the email from the organizers saying I was partnered with Stephanie Cox of WifeMommyMe fame, I was surprised at the coincidence, since we are, in fact, friends IRL. The punchline is that she knows me well enough to know about my aversion to shipping things, and reveled in my necessity to 1. hit a deadline and 2. visit the post office.

I had a blast making Stephanie some fun running accessories to support her new hobby in style. You can check out her post about her exchange here.

When it came to my second partner, I was matched up with Johanna from the Sirois Family Blog. I was excited to get my questionnairre from Johanna and was really looking forward to what she put together for me, and she didn’t disappoint. She embraced my love for rainbows and shared with me some of her favorite things as well. All bases are covered with a Starbucks gift card, tea packets, Godiva chocolate bar, eos lip balm and hand lotion and a rainbow of nail polilsh and post-it notes (which I love) all beautifully packaged in colorful tissue. It is always great to get mail and I can’t wait to do another exchange. Thanks again to my partner, Johanna.