What’s Hot Wednesday – Circle Zip Earbud Pouch

What's Hot Wednesday

After many years of pinning DIY, sewing, recipes and pretty pictures on Pinterest, I now have what’s called a business account. What makes my business account any different than my original account? Well, the most fun thing about a business account is the analytics. (Yes, I’m a nerd) It shows me which pins get clicked and repinned the most, and that tells me what everyone wants to see. So, I thought I’d make a weekly feature out of it. Introducing “What’s Hot Wednesday”. Each week I’ll check my stats, find the most popular pin at the moment, and recreate it and share my findings with you here on the blog.


Our inaugural “What’s Hot Wednesday” is the Circle Zip Earbud Pouch from Dog Under My Desk. You can find the pin and resulting tutorial on my Bag Tutorials Board.


Let’s take a look at the original Earbud Pouch pin.

Circle Zip Earbud Pouch

Now, let’s check out my #rainbowtized version

circle zip earbud pouch
My circle zip pouch

I’ll tell you the truth. This is a tutorial I could make a day long.

  1. I love bags. Even teeny tiny circle ones like this
  2. I like instant gratification. This took 1 hour beginning to end.
  3. This is the kind of thing you can make assembly line style. Think great Christmas gifts for friends and neighbors.

I don’t use earbuds, but I will certainly use this as a little change purse. My circle isn’t perfect, and it’s nowhere near as fabulous as the inspiration pouch, but I thinks it totes adorable, and I will whip it out at work tomorrow so everyone can ooh and ahh over it.


Mission accomplished. I’d love to see your earbud pouch if you make one. Share your link in the comments.


3 thoughts on “What’s Hot Wednesday – Circle Zip Earbud Pouch

  1. So cute! I haven’t touched my sewing machine in about 2 years…this would be a great project for me to try to get back into it. My husband is always misplacing his earbuds, so a ‘manly’ looking pouch would be great for him!

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