Exploring my quilty side

I am a very new quilter. I feel funny even calling myself a quilter. I’m very intimidated by those precision-piecing, accurate seaming, perfectionists. 🙂 But I do love browsing for hours in fabric shops…like my local quilt store. It was there, hanging on a wall, that I first saw the Vintage Farm Girl sampler quilt (designed by Lori Holt from Bee In My Bonnet) and I was obsessed. I asked the nice lady behind the counter if there was a class for that. After she laughed at me, she said, no, it’s a year-long club and you can’t sign up for it–the deadline was 2 days ago. 🙁

She did however tell me that the club is following along with the book, Vintage Farm Girl. Great! I’ll buy the book. Alas, they were sold out. She said she could order it for me, but I couldn’t wait. I left the store (with a bunch of fabric of course) went home and immediate bought the book from Amazon. The book came 9 days ago. So far, I have made 9 of the blocks, and I am totally smitten. This book makes me want to be a better quilter.

I’ll be sharing progress pictures of my quilt as I move along slowly but surely. Here’s the entire Vintage Farm Girl sampler quit that got my blood pumping.


Have any of you worked on this quilt? I’d love to see pictures.

5 Absolute Beginner Sewing Projects That Will Make You Feel Like A Pro

beginner sewing project

So, this is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down…I taught myself to sew. About seven years ago, I found out that I had Grave’s Disease, a thyroid condition. After many months of treatments and trying to control my endocrine system, the decision was made to radiate my thyroid. The process was simple. I had to take a radiated pill that would be absorbed by my thyroid and in essence…kill it. The reason I share this little anecdote with you, is because as a result of the possibility of radiation exposure to my family, I had to be quarantined in my own home. Basically, I was grounded to my craft room for 4 days. We added a cot, I had my computer, an attached bathroom, room service and the sewing machine my husband had bought me years before that I didn’t know how to use. This was my crash course in sewing.


While I can’t say this was the first time I sewed, it was the first time I sewed on a modern machine. When I was very young, my great grandmother let me help her sew using her vintage 1920’s peddle powered Singer to make pillows out of upholstery samples my grandfather would bring home from work. **I still have the antique Singer in my entry today**

In my opinion pillows really are the easiest beginner project. With that I give you this project that takes old t-shirts and turns them into pillows.

Turn t-shirts into pillows. source

Once you master making and stuffing pillows, you can move into making custom pillowcases to match your new duvet cover, your guest room, or even to give as a sweet wedding gift personalized for the bride and groom. I made this pillow case to match a toddler quilt for the sweetest little 2 year old as a moving away present. I love the video tutorial from Missouri Star Quilting Company found here on YouTube.

beginner sewing project
Custom Pillowcase via this video tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company

Here’s another quick little project perfect for gift giving or for rocking some handmade love for your own nest. These pot holders can look totally different depending on your choice of fabrics and bias trim. Just be sure to use the heat resistant padding inside. You can find it at Joann’s or your local fabric store.

beginner sewing projects
Pot Holders Source

Now if you’re going to be giving some of these projects away as gifts, why not sew up a super-cute drawstring gift bag to package them in. I mean really, how cute is a color coordinated gift set. Everyone will ooh and aah over your craftiness. You can get really creative with this project, too. The tutorial below shows you how to add a burlap accent piece to this bag, but you could also, use rope or ribbon for the ties to get a totally different feel for your bag as well.

beginner sewing project
Drawstring tote Source

And let’s not forget one of the most popular posts on Rainbowtized to date: this darling birthday crown I made for little Lennox on his second birthday. It’s cute, cutomizable and quick to put together for your little ones or again, as a gift. I mean, look how cute he is. He loved wearing it, too!


beginner sewing project
Birthday Crown by Rainbowtized

I hope you’ll jump in and make some of these beginner sewing projects. They really are a good way for you to get your sewing feet under you and build some confidence before you branch out to more involved projects. If you do make something you saw in this post, please share your images with us in the comments.


Playing Dress Up – Boy Style

You may recall my post on making a birthday crown for your little prince. It was a quick tutorial where I showed how I made a birthday crown for my girlfriend’s almost-2-year-old. To my great joy and excitement, he loved it. That inspired me to make him something else.


The theme of his birthday party is Space Dinosaurs (which is totally a thing). So, I figured he needed to have a wearable dinosaur tail. His party will be held outdoors, so I wanted something that would be easy to clean up after being dragged through the dirt.


I used:

  • Rip Stop Nylon (blue)
  • Nylon Pack Cloth (green)
  • Sew-in Velcro
  • Contrasting thread (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Gauge (or compass)
  • Embroidery Foot
This image includes blue bias tape which I ended up not using.

Basically, I followed along with this wonderful tutorial found on Running With Scissors. I added a little of my own flair by machine embroidering some circles to add some texture with contrasting color thread. I also changed up the dimensions a little to make the tail longer.machine embroidery

I made one tail with Velcro straps and a second one with a parachute buckle. These were super quick and fun to make and the birthday boy is enjoying them immensely.

Space Dinosaur Tail Space Dinosaur Tail Space Dinosaur Tail

Happy Birthday, Lennox! Have fun being 2.


Are you a #boymom? What do your kids imagine at play time?







Every Little Prince Deserves a Birthday Crown


There is a very cute little boy who is about to turn two. I love making gifts for babies and toddlers. I only wish I taught myself to sew when MY kids were little.


I have a couple of things in mind that I wanted to make, but I’m still waiting on a fabric delivery. I was able to whip up this birthday crown this past weekend though.



Piece of cotton fabric – 18″ X 5″

Piece of Fusible Interfacing 18″ X 5″

Piece of contrasting felt 18″ X 8″ (the thicker the better)

Scraps of felt to decorate your crown

Embroidery Floss


Ribbons, buttons, plastic jewels (whatever you want)

Freezer Paper

1″ wide elastic


birthday crown supplies
felt, quilting cotton, ribbon, stencil, pencil, ruler, scissors, elastic

First I ironed the interfacing onto the wrong side of the quilting cotton.


Then, I sketched the design for my little boy crown onto some butcher paper. I only drew half of it, since I knew I was going to fold it in half for symmetry sake. I cut out my butcher paper pattern, then traced it onto my cotton fabric, and cut it out.


Pin the fabric crown right side up to the right side (if there is one) of the fleece. Sew along the top only to attach the fabric to the fleece using a 1/4″ seam.

sew the crown to the fleece
sew the crown to the fleece

Trim away the top of the fleece about 1/4″ – 1/2″ outside the stitching line.


I went back to my original sketch and cut out the birthday badge to use as a stencil. I ironed the butcher paper (waxy side down) to the felt and cut out the circle. For the #2, I fold the felt in half and make a little snip to give me a good starting point to cut out the 2.

Cut away the birthday badge stencil from the sketch
Cut away the birthday badge stencil from the sketch

Then I traced a lotion bottle to give me a slightly bigger circle in the blue felt for contrast. I stitched the two circles together using a back stitch and embroidery floss.

Then layout any embellishments you want to add. I layered a satin ribbon under a grosgrain ribbon and centered the birthday badge in the center of my crown. Stitch down. Insert one end of the elastic into the still open portion of the short end and stitch. I reinforced by going over the elastic 3 times. Then just insert the other end of the elastic into the other short end and stitch as you did with the other side. For a cleaner edge at the short ends, I zigzag stitched to keep frays at bay.

Add decoration to the crown
Add decoration to the crown

Then plop your crown on the closest thing to a head you have close by…like my zebra unicorn. Doesn’t he look adorable?

Birthday Zebra
Happy Birthday Zebra

I can’t wait to see this crown on the birthday boy’s sweet little head. He really knows how to rock a hat. Thanks for stopping by.