The story behind Rainbowtized Boutique Clothes for Kids

Everyone has a time in their life when things just seem to fall into place and they feel like they’re on the right path. This is the story about that time happening for me.

If you’ve been following me on Rainbowtized for a while, you may have noticed that I have a history of making things and then gifting them. Inevitably, the recipient would make a comment along the lines of, “you should really sell this stuff”. In my self-effacing way, I would always shake off their compliment and say, “no, I’m not good enough to sell things”.

About a month ago, one of my co-workers brought her daughter into the office for a visit. She was so adorable toddling around on her chubby little legs. I picked her up and said, you need a cute little dress don’t you?

That night after work, I stopped at the store and found some super cute Michael Miller unicorn fabric and some rainbow-y dot fabric that I thought complemented it nicely and proceeded to “wing it” and make a little dress that I thought would fit. See, I never learned how to read a commercial pattern or anything, so, I just read a lot of blogs and watch YouTube videos on construction techniques…then I just do it and test it until it works.

#Rainbowtized unicorn dress#Rainbowtized unicorn dress

I brought the dress in the next day and my co-worker was just tickled with it. When she said her daughter didn’t want to take the dress off, it just made me so happy y’all. The rest of the day, I had all these random people coming up to me and commenting that they had seen the dress I made, and it was gorgeous. One of those lovely people told me that she used to be a sportswear designer and she told me that my finishing was beautifully done. I was floored. This was a professional telling me how well made my dress was! Now, I was starting to think, “maybe I am good enough”…

Stay tuned for part 2 of the story behind the Rainbowtized Boutique Clothes for Kids.

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Rainbowtized Sewing Studio Tour

If you would have told me 5 years ago that someday I would have a sewing studio like this, I never would have believed you.

Plenty of room to add to the fabric stash
My Sewing Studio

When we bought our first home in Pennsylvania, a 900 sq. ft. townhouse, I took up half of the unfinished basement with craft supplies and an old metal desk they were throwing away at work.

When we moved into our 2500 sq. ft. home in Texas (everything is bigger in Texas) I was thrilled to have a spare bedroom/craft room combo.

craft room
Cramped quarters

We moved into our current home a little more than a year ago. The first room that was unpacked and decorated was my dedicated craft room. It was a tight fit, but it was all craft room. I no longer had to share it with a guest bed. This room was my happy place for sure and I spent so many hours in there sewing and learning and sewing some more.

craft room peg board
Peg Board and Shelving

My husband got dedicated space as well. A first floor office, a large gameroom upstairs and a theater room. But after a year in the house, the only thing in that huge gameroom was a game chair in front of a tv with a video game console.

Wire closet shelving
Wire closet shelving

During a casual conversation, I made an off-the-cuff comment that I should have that gameroom since I have so much more stuff. To my shock and surprise, my husband said, yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

Wait, What? I was floored. He said, we do our entertaining mainly downstairs and out back, we really don’t NEED a gameroom. We made a deal. I could move into the gameroom if I tackled painting and decorating the two existing guest rooms, or as I like to call them, the kids’ rooms. (Just in case they ever want to move back home).

That was all the inspiration I needed. I had those two rooms painted and decorated within 2 weekends, and then moved on to bigger and better crafting space. It’s so much more substantial that I started calling it my sewing studio to pay it respect. LOL.

Wanna see it?

sewing studio craft room
Gameroom turned sewing studio

When you get to the top of the stairs, you are face to face with the sewing studio. It’s important that I keep this presentable since there are no doors. Although we’re considering adding a barn door on a slider just to have the option of closing it off. My old room had an Ikea table for a cutting table. It worked well, but it wasn’t big enough to lay out quilt tops or larger projects on it. This room takes advantage of the space by adding 3 more of the original table pushed together to make a 12′ X 5′ cutting table. It’s magical, y’all.

I also added more of the Martha Stewart brand organizers that I had in the other room. I had two of the 9-cubes stacked in the old room. This room adds one 6-cube and two more 9-cubes. It provides a lot of vertical storage that’s still low profile. I ordered them at Home Depot online, and just swung by to pick them up. I love that Home Depot offers that little perk.

My Kangaroo Cabinet sewing table and gallery wall
My Kangaroo Kabinet sewing table and gallery wall

My sewing cabinet was an over-the-top gift from my husband a couple of years ago. He assures me he got a great deal on it. When I decided I wanted to learn how to quilt, it fast became evident that my tiny sewing table couldn’t support more than a doll quilt. My amazing husband surprised me with this on Christmas morning. I was stunned.

I love a good peg board organizer and have used them in my last three craft rooms.Not only do I store oft-used tools here, I also keep some blank space so I can hang things up for taking photos of works in progress. Like my first Vintage Farm Girl block. Isn’t it so cute?

Rooster Quilt Block
Rooster Quilt Block from Vintage Farm Girl
home office
My Work From Home area.

The game room already had two built in desk areas with shelving on either side of the entryway. I use one as a desk for when I work from home (my full time gig is as a Marketing Director). I’m lucky that my current job is very flexible and allows me to work from home a couple days a week.

Crochet Corner
Crochet Corner

Tucked in a corner by the windows, I have another piece of peg board that holds my knitting looms, embroidery hoops and floos and yarn, crochet hooks and all the trimmings that go along with hand-work. I like the floor lamp for hand work. It has a clamp to hold patterns and a magnifying glass for my aging eyeballs. 🙂 I’m on the lookout for a cozy chair to fit where the old sewing table now rests.

Ikea cart
Ikea cart

Last but certainly not least, I finally bought myself this adorable Ikea Raskog Kitchen Cart. I have wanted one since the first time I laid eyes on it, but I didn’t have the space. Now that I do, I love it. I house all my sewing necessities and ironing acoutrements in here and it’s always within an arms’ reach. I love the color and the wheels. It literally makes me giddy. And LOOK HOW MUCH it holds! You should totally get one.

So what do you think? I’d love to see pictures of your crafty space. Share them on Instagram with #mycraftspace.

The Great Mother’s Day Weekend Update

You may recall my Mother’s Day plan to spend the entire weekend grounded to my craft room #groundedformothersday. I’d like to thank all of you who followed along with my progress from the craft room and cheered me on. While I wasn’t able to get everything on my list accomplished, I was able to churn out quite a few items.

Here’s a review of my project list:


Saturday, May 9, 9:00 AM CST I entered my craft room full of caffeine and ambition. My task at hand: The Laura Tote. Now, while I love this tote just as it is, I wanted to try my hand at my own version of the applique which is what really brings the personality to this piece. So, I chose to create an applique of my beautiful daughter. I found a picture of her that I liked, and sketched out the pieces until I came up with this:

applique pattern

About an hour later, I was ready to cut out my pattern and applique her cute little face onto my bag. 10 hours later, I had a finished, fully quilted, quite large tote bag that I’m very proud of.

The Laura Tote by Schlosser Designs and Iza Pearl Design


Lyssa bag
My take on the Laura Tote

Here’s a virtual tour of the bag in action.


Sunday, May 10th, Mother’s Day 2015, 10:30 AM CST I enter my craft room. Sunday’s project list was daunting considering I only finished one thing on Saturday. Sunday needed to be quantity without sacrificing quality. I decided to tackle the bento bag. I made two of these bags in the past, and I love them. The design of these bags is so unique and gives you a chance to use up all of those cute fat quarters you have lying around. I ended up going with some Moda Daysail fabric which I love. Anything nautical really, I can’t get enough. BUT, I had promised to make one for my friend, Tori. So, the solution was simple. Make two bags assembly line style. I can’t recall the name of the fabric I used for her bag, but I can tell you I bought it at Joann’s. If you know the name, please let me know in the comments so I can update the post. 🙂

Bento Box Bag by Pink Penguin
My take on the Bento Box Bag by Pink Penguin.

By the time I finished these two bags, I was feeling pretty good about how much I had accomplished in my marathon crafting session, but I was getting hungry and it was time for my wonderful husband to serve me my Mother’s Day dinner, cornbread stuffed chicken, mashed potatoes and corn. MMMmmm starchy.


I really wanted to finish at least one more project, so I decided to go with the Mega Credit Card wallet because, to be honest, my wallet is ripped and needs to be retired. I love the fabric used on the inspiration piece, so I wanted to be sure to put a lot of thought into my fabrics. Then I remembered this pretty ensemble I picked up from The Cloth Pocket at the Dallas Quilt Show.


How cool would it be to have a #rainbowtized wallet. I set to work cutting out strips to make the pockets while Medium played on Netflix in the background. The clock was ticking. Mother’s day was coming to an end. Finally, at 10:59 PM CST, I descended the stairs with a completed credit card wallet.

Mega Credit Card Wallet from Infarrantly Creative.
My take on the Mega Credit Card Wallet

And here’s a virtual tour of my fun new wallet.

I have to tell you, this was so fun for me. I really enjoyed the tutorials and patterns I followed. I look forward to tackling the one-hour weekend bag and finding out if it really only takes an hour. Rest assured I’ll let you know how it goes. Until then, I’m going to keep taking my new wallet out of my purse and flipping through the pages and stroking the fabric. I <3 handmade.


Hope you all got everything you wished for this mother’s day. What did you do?


The Greatest Mother’s Day Gift EVER

getting grounded for mothers day

This year will be my first Mother’s Day with no children living at home. About a month ago, that fact hit me, and it made me sad. But…

When I feel sad, I stop feeling sad, and be awesome instead. #truestory (Thank you, Neil Patrick Harris)

So, when my husband asked me what he could get me for Mother’s Day this year, I told him, “I want to be grounded to my craft room for the entire weekend”. The good news is: he agreed. So, now it’s up to me to compile the greatest to do list ever. 2 days and 3 nights of glorious uninterrupted craft time. It’s like going on a retreat all by myself.

It’s a good thing I made these Rainbowtized Project Planner worksheets to keep myself organized. If you haven’t gotten your free download yet, just click here, or on the ad in the sidebar to access the download link.


Greatest Mother’s Day Gift Ever
Project List


What do you think? Too much? Not enough? I’ll be live tweeting from inside my craft room as each project progresses. Follow along at @KristenUH and see the pictures on Instagram.