Crafting with a Purpose

craftingWithPurposeAnyone who knows me well can tell you that I love to make things. Cute things. And every time I share a picture of something I made on Facebook or Twitter, very nice people compliment whatever it is and some more people ask, “Do you sell your stuff?” or ask if they can order something. It’s very flattering, and I do have an Etsy shop. I’ve tried selling before and here’s what I found out about myself through that process. I like gifting, not selling.

Since I know myself well enough to know I’ll never be successful by trying to sell my wares online, I just started a blog where I could talk about crafting and share pictures with people in general.

All is well with the world, right?

Until my husband dropped this bomb on me the other day: “Why don’t you just make things and let people donate to charity in exchange for something you’ve already made?”

This man is a genius.

I have a lot of learning to do before this crafting with a purpose plan is fleshed out, but in the meantime, I’m going to start making things. Cute things. And I’m going to post them on this very blog, on my Facebook page, and on Instagram. And if you see something you like, let me know. The cost will be a donation to an established charity.

The charities I choose to support are: first and foremost, The Salvation Army, ALS Association and SafePlace.

I’ll share more about the details as I learn more from those around me who I know can help me understand more about how I can help. Thanks.

What’s Hot Wednesday – Circle Zip Earbud Pouch

What's Hot Wednesday

After many years of pinning DIY, sewing, recipes and pretty pictures on Pinterest, I now have what’s called a business account. What makes my business account any different than my original account? Well, the most fun thing about a business account is the analytics. (Yes, I’m a nerd) It shows me which pins get clicked and repinned the most, and that tells me what everyone wants to see. So, I thought I’d make a weekly feature out of it. Introducing “What’s Hot Wednesday”. Each week I’ll check my stats, find the most popular pin at the moment, and recreate it and share my findings with you here on the blog.


Our inaugural “What’s Hot Wednesday” is the Circle Zip Earbud Pouch from Dog Under My Desk. You can find the pin and resulting tutorial on my Bag Tutorials Board.


Let’s take a look at the original Earbud Pouch pin.

Circle Zip Earbud Pouch

Now, let’s check out my #rainbowtized version

circle zip earbud pouch
My circle zip pouch

I’ll tell you the truth. This is a tutorial I could make a day long.

  1. I love bags. Even teeny tiny circle ones like this
  2. I like instant gratification. This took 1 hour beginning to end.
  3. This is the kind of thing you can make assembly line style. Think great Christmas gifts for friends and neighbors.

I don’t use earbuds, but I will certainly use this as a little change purse. My circle isn’t perfect, and it’s nowhere near as fabulous as the inspiration pouch, but I thinks it totes adorable, and I will whip it out at work tomorrow so everyone can ooh and ahh over it.


Mission accomplished. I’d love to see your earbud pouch if you make one. Share your link in the comments.


My First Time With Jamberry Nails & A Giveaway

Seems like lately I can’t get online without seeing Jamberry Nails in my Facebook feed. The colorful designs were calling my name, and then like a sign from above, my good friend Stephanie (WifeMommyMe) started selling them. At first I told her I wasn’t interested, since my other good friend owns Plum Natural Nail Spa and I felt like I’d be cheating on her by doing my own nails ;). Stephanie knows my weakness for rainbows, so when she sent me the picture of the Clowning Around nail wraps, I placed my order right away.

Clowning Around Jamberry Nail Wraps

Just to be clear: I am not hosting a Jamberry party. I’ve paid full price for the wraps I’m using and reviewing, but you have a chance to win a free set from Stephanie by entering this giveaway via the Rafflecopter below. You can also request a free sample just by filling out this form.


They were really simple to apply: You just need a hair dryer, a sheet of Jamberry Nails, a nail file, tiny scissors and an orange stick.

Rainbow nail wraps

In about 30 minutes from start to finish, I had a full set of rainbow Jamberry Nails, complete with accent nail. I can tell you it would have taken a lot longer to do these designs with polish. I laid out my hair dryer, found the right size wrap, cut it in half (my nails are short enough that I can do 2 nails from one wrap), heat it up for a few seconds, then press centered to my nail bed and press down on each side to adhere. Then, just smooth out any wrinkles to the tip of your nail and file off any excess.

Jamberry wraps

The directions are right on the package and they’re super easy to follow. One way these beat an at-home polish job; I can apply a wrap to my right hand, but I can’t paint my right hand with my left. Verdict: the Jamberry Nails are a fun, quick way to add some color and pattern to your look without waiting for polish to dry.


Ready to win your own set:
a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Top 5 Pinterest Wins (And Biggest Pinterest Fails)

pinterest wins and fails

A long time ago (about 5 years ago) I took an online course from A Beautiful Mess called Indie Biz. It was wonderfully fun and informative. Basically, I love everything Elsie Larson produces. But, I digress…the reason I bring this up, is that through the connections I made with the other students and some networking, I was afforded an opportunity to participate in an online blog hop where me and my fellow bloggers were asked to create a board called “What Home Means to Me” on this cool new social media site called Pinterest. Back then, you had to get an invite to log in to the site. So cool, right? I’m like a Pinterest Hipster. I remember thinking, “Who will use this platform?” the first time I logged in to start building my board. How naive I was then. These days I spend more time on Pinterest than I do on Facebook. It’s any Crafter/DIYer/Photographer/Wedding Planner/Foodie’s dream platform. You get the idea. It’s for everyone and anyone.


As I sit here and write this post, I have amassed 4,169 4,170 pins. That’s a LOT of things I saw, liked, and pinned. You may ask, how many of those pins did you really do anything with, Kristen? Well, thanks to my Done and Done board, I can answer that question. I’ve done 62 of those things. Want proof? Visit my Done and Done Pinterest Board.

Follow Rainbowtized’s board Done and Done on Pinterest.

Here’s some of the projects I got right:

The arm knit infinity scarf by
The arm knit infinity scarf by

This video set a movement in motion. Not only did I make a handful of these arm knit infinity scarves. I had a party and taught my friends to make them…and just in time for gift-giving time. Even my mother-in-law made one.

Arm knit infinity scarf
Project accomplished! Arm knit infinity scarf by Bobbi (my MIL)


Leather luggage tags from
Leather luggage tags from

I was looking for a homemade gift that was good for men and women and these leather luggage tags really fit the bill. Everyone in my family got one for Christmas last year. They’re perfect for gift giving because they’re totally customizable. I even added a little suede tassel to my daughter’s.

leather luggage tag diy
The diy leather luggage tag I made for the girl.


Pom Pom Bookmark from
Pom Pom Bookmark from

A recent addition to the board was this PomPom Bookmark I made for my friend Stephanie, of Wife Mommy Me fame, as a parting gift when she moved back to Ohio. Hey, Stephanie, if you have a picture of the one I made you, share it please. 🙂


Clay “Gingerbread House” ornament by Kay Miller

I saw this super cute clay ornament for sale online and I thought, “I could totally make that myself.” And then, surprisingly, I did. I had enough clay left over that I even made a little snowman to match. My version is nowhere near as detailed and beautiful, but it looked good hanging on my tree.

My stab at a clay gingerbread house ornament and matching snowman.



Stuffed Yeti from Amanda Tepie on Tuts+
Stuffed Yeti from Amanda Tepie on Tuts+

This stuffed Yeti is seriously one of my favorite DIYs ever. I liked it so much, I didn’t give it away. I selfishly kept him and he lives with me in my craft room. (Shown here with his friend the scrap monster)

Stuffed Yeti Kawaii


Not every Pinterest attempt turns out well. For instance, my biggest Pinterest Fails both happened during a Pinterest party I was hosting. Oy vey! Steer clear of these projects unless you have a strong resolve and a lot of patience.

Painted glasses from
Painted glasses from

I don’t know if the paint colors weren’t jiving, or our method wasn’t quite as good as the creator of these beautiful painted glasses, but ours turned out looking like a 4 year old finger painted on our tumblers.


And then there is the dreaded Ombre Knotted Bracelet. It’s like the friendship bracelets from my youth on steroids. I thought this would be a quick (hahaha) and easy (ROFLMAO) project to do with a group of ladies gathered around my dining room table. What ended up happening was a lot of frustrated women and a knotted ball of string. Maybe you can conquer this one and send me pictures.

Ombre Knotted Bracelet from
Ombre Knotted Bracelet from

I’m going to blame this one on buying the wrong materials. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


So, tell me, do you Pinterest? More importantly, do you actually DO the things you pin on Pinterest? Do you have a board to keep track of the projects you accomplish? I’d love to check out your pins. Leave me links in the comments.

You can follow Rainbowtized on Pinterest too, if you’d like.



Give a Rainbowtized Gift Bouquet

rainbow bouquet

Looking for a quick, easy, and highly-customizable gift to give as a hostess, housewarming, birthday or any day gift? Introducing the Rainbowtized Gift Bouquet. This was so fun to put together, and it really delivers that wow factor.

Gift Bouquet
Mason Jar Mug, Styrofoam discs, skewers, colored tissue

When you’re shopping for your supplies, just make sure that you foam fits inside of your vessel. I had to really push on these discs to get them into the mouth of my mason jar. 😉

rainbow bouquet
Wrap foam discs with tissue paper.

Wrap the outside of each foam disc in colored tissue paper and secure with Scotch tape. Then squeeze the discs inside the mason jar. Then add some more tissue on top to color out your rainbow.


You’ll want to be sure to keep the tissue paper around the perimeter of the mason jar, so that the skewers can be placed directly into the foam.

rainbow bouquet

Now all that’s left to do is tape all your goodies to skewers and slide them down into the foam discs. I like to have short and tall gifts so that your gift bouquet is nice and full. I also added a little frog prince pick that I picked up in the floral section. This is a really sweet and thoughtful gift that you can totally customize to the recipient’s tastes.


Here are some ideas:

Father’s Day: Fishing lures, fishing line, fishing license, hand warmers, granola bars, other snacks.

Mother’s Day: Starbucks Via Packets, assorted chocolates, spa gift card, chap stick.

Teenage Girl: iTunes gift card, nail polish, nail files, gel pens, gum, smart pop.

Teenage Boy: XBOX gift card, chips, chocolate, super ball, rubber band gun, gum.

Craft lover (like me): Sewing notions, thread, yarn, crochet hooks and chocolate. Lots. of. chocolate.


What would you like to get in YOUR rainbow gift bouquet? Leave your wish list in the comments.


Rainbow Nail Art: Celebrate National Find a Rainbow Day

Celebrate National Find a Rainbow Day with Rainbow Nail Art.

Let me show you how you can have a little fun between visits to your favorite nail place with some easy peasy DIY Rainbow Nail Art. I didn’t come up with this masterpiece! Jenn at Plum Natural Nail Spa used this technique on me when I visited the other day (check out that post here), and I had to go home and try it for myself. It worked!



  • A rainbow of nail polish colors (I used Fingerpaints and Sinful Colors for this demonstration)
  • Base coat and White nail polish (gives you a clean background for the rainbow colors)
  • Top coat
  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton
  • Paper towels (to protect my table)
  • Makeup wedge
  • Hand Lotion (optional)
paint the base
Give your statement nail a nice coat of white polish

Step 1: Start with a blank canvas

Prep your nails for their rainbow by applying a base coat, followed by 2 coats of a white polish. This helps the colors stand out better.

prep the sponge
Paint the Rainbow

Step 2: Prep the colors

Shake each of your colors well, and then loosen all the caps. Hold the makeup wedge up to your nail and get an idea for how much paint you’ll need to cover your nail from cuticle to tip. Then start applying the colors quickly so it doesn’t dry out before you have a chance to transfer it.


Step 3: Press sponge to nail

Since I don’t have a fancy camera set up, I couldn’t manage to take a picture of this step as it required both hands. (Mental note: use the timer #duh) Anyway, stick with me. Now, you’ll take the wedge and press it to your nail. Think of it as a stamp, you don’t want to move it around or shift its placement. You want to get it on there and gently press down on both sides to ensure contact on the curved sides of your nail.

national find a rainbow day
I found a rainbow!

Step 4. Admire your work

Look how pretty! Y’all I don’t think you understand just how happy a rainbow makes me. 🙂 But I digress. Your nail looks pretty and rainbow-y, but you have all that mess on the skin around your nail. Well, kids, this is where that optional lotion comes in. You could just take your nail polish remover and a brush or cotton and clean up the nail polish leavings, Or, you could apply a generous shmear of regular old hand lotion all around your nail before you apply the wedge to your nail. This way, it just wipes off. Nice and easy!


I’m glad I could help you find your rainbow today. Let me know if you try this and share your results in the comments. Have fun with it!


5 Easy Ways to Add a Pop of Color in a Beige World

I’m in a rough position. I found out quite by accident about 5 years ago that I don’t perceive color accurately. Can you believe it? Someone who is such a lover of color. DEVASTATING! Don’t worry, it’s only very pale shades and very dark shades I have trouble with. Can’t tell my yellows from my browns and greens when they get too much white mixed in; can’t tell my dark shades apart at all. They all look like shades of gray to me. [Sad panda face] Maybe this is why I’m drawn to bright, bold color. I see rainbows just fine.


The problem comes when it’s time for me to decorate my house. My husband–let’s just say he’s not a fan of my bright color choices. The end result is a lot of beige everywhere, but I’ve figured out how to get color without painting every wall a saturated hue. Win – Win.


#1 Decorate with colored glass


from Eclectically Vintage
colored glass
from Southern Living

#2 Spray Paint Something

from Beach House in the City
from Fun At Home with Kids

#3 Decorate with Colorful Food

from Mes Petites Choses

#4 Add Fresh Flowers

from House of Fifty

#5 Bring in Colorful Lamps

from honeywerehome.blogspot

Bonus: Do something unexpected

Want a temporary change? Hate commitment? Add some tape to your interior doors for a pop of color instantly. Use painters tape, washi tape or whatever tickles your fancy. This is a great idea for creative kids or renters. Just have fun with it!



What are you favorite ways to add a pop of color in your living space?