Part II: Rainbowtized Boutique Clothes for Kids

Thanks for coming back for part II of the story behind the launch of the Rainbowtized Boutique Clothes for Kids. If you missed part I, you can read that here.

So at this point I had gifted a dress to a co-worker’s little girl, and received so many sweet, sweet comments from all these people at work (including a former clothing designer). Now, I started getting requests. I’d love a dress like that for my daughter, or granddaughter, or neice, or goddaughter… The requests kept rolling in. On my Facebook page, I posted pictures of the dress and I started getting requests from childhood friends and past co-workers, distant cousins and friends of friends.

My husband just laughed at my amazement at it all. He said, “I’ve been telling you for years you should sell your work! It’s really good.” Basically, in a sweet way, he said I told you so. Then he challenged me. (I love a good challenge) Make 10 dresses with materials you already have on hand in your craft room. If they sell, start a business. This was a few days before we were leaving for a week’s vacation in Colorado. So, I ordered a book from Prime on how to draft patterns which arrived the day before we left. I read that book from cover to cover over the duration of the trip, and when I got back home, I couldn’t wait to get started.

I had so many ideas in my head of dresses I wanted to make and now I knew how to make those visions come to life. Every night when I got home from work, I went up to my room and drafted a pattern based on my sketches and stitched up a new dress.Then I would take it to work with me the next morning to gauge the response from my favorite supporters 😉 After making more than 12 dresses, I whittled it down to the 5 styles I, and everyone else, liked the best.

Along the way, I’ve sold 3 dresses to some close friends that didn’t want to wait until the official launch 🙂 Currently, I’m in the paperwork mode (not my favorite part) setting everything up, buying materials and getting the etsy store, Facebook shop and this very website ready for the big launch.

So, here’s how it will go. First you’ll choose the style dress you would like. Then choose the size (3 months through size 6/7) and your fabric. And that’s it. I’ll take your choices and create a custom piece for your special kiddo and ship it out in packaging pretty enough to gift. I’m currently allowing myself 2 weeks for custom orders, but I don’t think it will take that long (unless the response is overwhelming…which would be amazing!)

Want to stay in the loop when exciting things are launched? Fill out this nifty form and I’ll email you so you can call dibbs on your favorites! Oh, and check out some sneak peeks of the sample dresses a little further down the page…

Here a sneak peek at some of the sample dresses I’ve made along the way…